Monday, July 21, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things... (Products I Can't Live Without!)

Back-to-School time is upon us my teacher friends...Ready or not it's coming!  I've been slowly getting myself into the groove, and by that, I mean SHOPPING for my classroom. :)  The following is a list of things that I'm glad I don't have to live without during those first few weeks of school (or anytime for that matter)!

Mr. Sketch Markers
I don't honestly know if I could survive without these!  I love the broad lines that easily hide errors on anchor charts, the wide variety of colors, and most of all---the yummy scents!  I once had a teacher friend who would draw stars on her students' hands as a reward with these markers. The possibilities are endless!

Really Good Stuff Deluxe Plastic Desktop Helpers
These are the best name plates you will ever find!  They actually last all year!  Even in a Kindergarten room--imagine that!  Really Good Stuff makes several different varieties of these name plates, but I love the ones pictured below.  The 100 chart comes in really handy throughout the year, as does the alphabet line.  These are a little pricy, but well worth the extra money!

What can I say!?  These DVD's are absolutely amazing!  My kiddos start recognizing their sight words in a flash after watching these.  I typically pop one in the DVD player as we're packing up for the day, and instantly, the kiddos are glued to it.  I can honestly say that this was one of the best educational purchases I ever made!

This is the one that I let me kiddos use.  The one that makes NO NOISE, and gets the pencils super sharp!  Disclaimer here:  I still have two pencil buckets in my classroom.  One for sharpened pencils and one for broken pencils.  However, at the end of the day I have a special helper, and that student sharpens the pencils from the broken bucket for the day.  This totally cuts down on pencil interruptions throughout the day.  Now, back to this sharpener... I love this because, it's fairly indestructible, making it perfect for my Kindergarten sweeties.  No more breaking the electric sharpener by ramming pencils into it as hard as you can! Yay!  Plus, it comes in a variety of cool colors, and we all love that. :)

These were a new discovery for me recently.  Granted, I can see how it could create a distraction for some kiddos, the sweeties I tried these with LOVED them, and seemed more able to focus.  They're super cheap too, which is nice!  I highly recommend trying these for kiddos that need a little something to stimulate while they're working.

These are some of the most frequently used items in my classroom.  These things are versatile!  They can be used as counters, for patterning, for BINGO games, for board games, and for word work with Elkonin boxes.  I love them so much because my kiddos are actually able to see what they've covered up while playing BINGO or completing word work tasks.  No more moving pieces, and losing your place!

Last, but not least, one just for me...

Having a tough day?  Classroom a bit chilly?  Need a pick-me-up?  This is what does it for me.  I love this tea!

 What are a few of your favorite things?  I'd love to know!



  1. I agree Mr. Sketcher's are pretty great!!


  2. I love the look of the RGS Desktop Helpers, but I teacher 4th grade and gave up on putting name tags on the desks! I’m gearing up for a big giveaway on my blog on August 11 - come stop by so you don’t miss it!!
    Beyond The Gradebook