Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Favorite Back-To-School Freebies for Primary Grades

It's that time of the year...Back-to-School time!  Every year I'm so anxious and excited about getting back into my classroom, setting up my stuff, and implementing all of the ideas and materials that I've gathered over the summer.  This year is no different!  While looking through my Pin Boards, I compiled a list of my all-time favorite Back-to-School FREEBIES from fabulous TpT sellers, and thought I'd share!

The following items are all things that I've used in my classroom, and would highly recommend!  However, as a TpT seller, I know how much work goes in to creating a product, even a free one, so please remember that if you choose to download any of these items, LEAVE FEEDBACK for the seller!  It means so much to us to see that you appreciate our hard work!

1. Schedule Cards by Cara Carroll
**These are sooo cute!  You'll be able to see why it's the top downloaded freebie on TpT!

2. Pick an Apple {An Open House Donation Idea} by Amy Lowes
**I used this last year and had tons of success getting those extra things that we all need!

 3. First Day Hand Print Puzzle by Deanna Jump
**This is adorable for the first day of Pre-K or Kindergarten!

4. A Bright Future (Student Gift) by Hope King
**I love this Open House gift idea!

 5. Getting to Know You Sheets by Miss Nelson
**Perfect for primary kiddos who are able to read and write!

 6.  Take-Home Reminder Notes by Amy Lowes
**I use these all throughout the school year, so I make sure to have them printed and on-hand at the beginning of the year.

 7. Common Core Informational Pamphlet for Parents by Christine Statzel
 **This is an excellent explanation of Common Core to give to parents at Open House.

 8. Open House Signs by Sparkles Smiles and Successful Students
**These Smart Board Welcome Signs are adorable!  They are available for multiple grade levels too. :)

 9. Picture Directions by A Cupcake for the Teacher
**I LOVE these!

10.  Our Classroom Rules and Procedures Handbook by Teaching With Love and Laughter
**Great project for kiddos who are ready to read and write!  

Have a wonderful beginning of the year everyone!


  1. Thanks for the great blog post! These are some great back to school resources! Have a great school year!

  2. Awesome freebies, great post! Thank you!!! :)