Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Palooza {Part 2}

What a great week we had completing our pumpkin-themed learning and activities! My next door teaching neighbor, Mrs. Holland, had a fantastic idea to complete a second "Pumpkin Investigation" during our whole-group Math. We each had our kiddos make predictions about the pumpkins in our classrooms.

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Then, we joined together for some hands-on discovery time as we experimented to see whether our pumpkins would sink or float.  Mrs. Holland had the kiddos come up in a small group to complete the experiment.  She told them to keep the results a secret until everyone had a chance to complete the experiment.  They were so excited, but did a great job giving the others a chance to figure it out for themselves!  Fun, fun, fun!  I love fall! :)

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