Tuesday, February 18, 2014

100th Day Fun!

This time of the year flies by!  My class had so much fun celebrating Valentine's Day last week, and today was finally the 100th day of school for us!  It's never been this late in the year before, but we've literally had 18 snow days this year!  Anyhow, we had the most fun day ever today! 

Usually we celebrate the 100th day by dressing up like we're 100 years old, but since today was also class picture day at my school, we had to skip it this year--BOO!  Well, in leiu of dressing up, we donned 100th Day Crowns and Fruit Loop Necklaces.  You can find a free download for the crowns from Julie Lee's TpT store by clicking on the link.  I had my kiddos put 100 Fruit Loops on a 100 chart to ensure that they had counted exactly 100! 

Later in the day, we made these cutie-patootie 100 Year-Old Portraits from Deanna Jump's 100th Day Math and Literacy Fun Mini Unit.  These may just be the cutest thing we've ever made! :)

We also got creative and made some 100th day art out of 1's and 0's.  I love the cat and bird duo and monster truck from Mrs. Holland's Kindergarten class!

 We even made 100th Day Snack Mix during our snack time!  Click on the link for a free download of the sorting sheet from my TpT store.

I'd love to see and hear about what you do to celebrate the 100th day in your classroom! :)

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